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What Is an Albuquerque Business’s Google Analytics Session?

Tracking a website visitor’s activity helps you understand the user journey. Seeing which pages are being viewed most often, how long users stay on the site, and what actions they take allows you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

Google Analytics is one way to track this data. It’s a platform that provides data about your website and insight about its users. 

At WSI Web Enhancers, our digital marketing agency can help you better understand Google Analytics’ sessions and provide insight about your customers.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you what a Google Analytics session is, why its metrics are essential to track, and how to customize its features to gain better customer insights.

What Is an Albuquerque Business’s Google Analytics Session?

What a Google Analytics Session Entails

A Google Analytics session refers to a period of user interaction with a website or mobile application tracked by this tool. It starts when a user visits the website or opens the app and ends after a certain period of inactivity–typically after 30 minutes or at the end of a day.

During a session, Google Analytics tracks various user interactions. These interactions include page views, events, conversions, and other engagement metrics. 

Using this data, you can analyze your user behavior, traffic sources, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to revise your strategy.

For example, if you see that people aren’t engaging much with a blog post anymore, it might be time to update it.

Sessions are an essential metric in Google Analytics. By analyzing session data, website owners and marketers can understand how users navigate through websites. 

Our digital marketing firm offers Google Analytics consulting to help you better understand what’s working and what can be changed to improve your website’s user interactions.

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Customizing Google Analytics Sessions

In Google Analytics, a session is a group of user interactions on your website within a given time frame. Sessions are used to measure user activity to improve your website and make it more user-friendly. 

Session features can be customized in various ways to help you track specific engagement metrics.

What Is an Albuquerque Business’s Google Analytics Session?

Goals and Conversions

You can set up goals in Google Analytics to track specific actions or conversions on your website, such as newsletter sign-ups or purchases. This customization allows you to measure the success of your website in achieving particular objectives.

Events Tracking

Events are user interactions that occur on a web page, such as button clicks, video plays, file downloads, or scrolling. You can customize Google Analytics to track these events by adding event tracking code to the relevant elements on your website. 

This helps you understand user engagement beyond just page views.

Custom Dimensions and Metrics

Google Analytics allows you to define custom dimensions and metrics to track additional data not captured by default. Custom dimensions provide additional user information, such as user type or membership level.


Filters in Google Analytics allow you to include or exclude specific data based on predefined rules. You can create filters to exclude internal IP addresses, track a particular subdomain, or modify URLs for better reporting accuracy.


Segments enable you to isolate and analyze specific subsets of your data. You can create custom segments based on various criteria, such as user demographics, traffic sources, behavior, or specific session attributes. 

Segments help you gain deeper insights into different user groups and their behavior on your website.

Trust the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Albuquerque To Analyze Your Sessions

At WSI Web Enhancers, we can configure your session settings and analyze your data to optimize your marketing strategy. We’ll help you drive those conversions while giving you the best ROI through enhanced analysis and practical solutions.

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