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For those unable to navigate the Internet seamlessly, the experience can be isolating. WSI Web Enhancers specializes in creating ADA-compliant websites in Albuquerque. Internet access is a fundamental right, and your website should be an inclusive space accessible to everyone. 

That’s why we prioritize creating the best ADA-compliant websites in the region.

What is ADA web compliance?

ADA site compliance aligns with the Americans with Disabilities Act, a pivotal legislation enacted in 1990 to safeguard the rights of individuals with disabilities. This extends to the digital realm, ensuring equal access to online services for all, regardless of abilities.

ADA compliance web design involves principles like being perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. This consists of crafting an environment where information is accessible through alt text, intuitive navigation, and consistent design across various devices. Non-compliance holds legal repercussions, tarnishes reputations, and stifles business growth. In a landscape where ADA-related lawsuits are rising, our agency ensures your site meets ADA website compliance standards.

Beyond the legal realm, ADA compliance opens doors to a broader audience and sets you apart as a business that values inclusivity. By embracing ADA standards, your Albuquerque business gains a competitive edge, signaling your commitment to a seamless online journey for everyone.


ADA-Compliant Website Albuquerque

Domino’s Pizza Sued for Website
ADA Non-Compliance

Domino’s Pizza delivered a case on their website’s ADA compliance to the US Supreme Court, and the justices rejected it on Oct. 7, the first day of the 2019 term. The case was due to a blind man not being able to order a pizza on either the company’s website or app. This case confirms that having an ADA-compliant website must be taken seriously by all companies and organizations, including here in New Mexico.

5 Benefits of ADA-Compliant Websites

ADA Compliant Website Albuquerque
ADA Compliant Website

At WSI Web Enhancers, we specialize in ADA-compliant web designs, offering Albuquerque businesses strategic advantages through inclusive digital experiences. Here are 5 benefits of having an ADA-compliant website:

Avoiding Potential Lawsuits

Title III of the ADA requires inclusive access for individuals with disabilities, and non-compliance may result in lawsuits and penalties. ADA compliance safeguards your business, showcases inclusivity, and prevents potential legal repercussions.

Expanding Your Reach

ADA accessibility compliance expands your website’s reach to millions of disabled users. With 27% of adult Americans having disabilities, it taps into an untapped market segment. This broadens your customer base and enhances loyalty and brand perception through inclusive access to products and services.

Enhancing User Experience

ADA-compliant websites prioritize accessibility for all users by improving navigation, optimizing images, and amending content structure. This improves user experience, resulting in lower bounce rates and increased conversions. Prioritizing ADA compliance ensures seamless interaction, increased satisfaction, and universal access to information on your site.

Strengthening Brand Reputation

ADA website design investment showcases social responsibility, differentiating your brand and resonating with a conscientious audience. Prioritizing inclusivity sends a strong message about your values, fosters loyalty, and amplifies your brand’s reputation through word-of-mouth endorsements.

Improving Mobile Usability

ADA compliance in websites guarantees accessibility across various devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets. ADA compliance is vital for growth, and our agency’s expertise elevates your online presence.

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Avoid Legal and Social Consequences With an ADA-Compliant WordPress Website

Businesses face evolving responsibilities, including adhering to ADA website compliance law. The ADA requirements for website design outline how to make websites compliant, and failing to meet these requirements comes with significant consequences. Failure to comply leads to lawsuits, financial liabilities, and negative social impact.

We’ll help you avoid these non-ADA-compliant website pitfalls, safeguarding your brand from such repercussions. By prioritizing ADA-friendly designs, you’ll avoid legal and financial ramifications while fostering positive connections with your audience. This is why WSI Web Enhancers specializes in creating ADA-compliant WordPress websites. We’ve found that WordPress presents the best platform to ensure your site remains compliant, with real-time updates built into your web design.

Have Our Albuquerque ADA Compliant Website Experts Transform Your Website Into an Inclusive Experience

WSI Web Enhancers has consistently distinguished itself as an industry leader in website design and SEO, marrying aesthetics with optimization. Beyond our commitment to visually appealing and high-ranking websites, we prioritize ADA compliance, ensuring websites are accessible to all. Our adherence to ADA guidelines showcases our dedication to inclusivity and positions us at the forefront of adaptive and responsible web design. 

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ADA Compliant Website

The Best ADA Compliant Websites Use AccessiBe

AccessiBe revolutionizes ADA compliance, aligning websites with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

Our Albuquerque digital marketing firm embraces AccessiBe’s prowess in creating ADA-compliant websites. 

AccessiBe deploys AI and machine learning to identify and rectify barriers faced by individuals with disabilities. It adjusts elements in real time, meeting ADA compliance. 

The screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, color adjustments, and content accommodations of AccessiBe optimize user experience for all abilities. 

The benefits of ADA compliance with AccessiBe are substantial. Automated monitoring ensures ongoing ADA compliance, fostering wider audience reach and enhancing user experiences. 

With customizable settings, legal protection, and time efficiency, AccessiBe is the ultimate solution for ADA-compliant web design.

Our digital marketing experts harness the power of AccessiBe to ensure your site meets all the required ADA-compliant website guidelines. 

We’ll help you create inclusive digital experiences, showcasing your commitment to accessibility and expanding your online presence with an ADA-compliant website in Albuquerque.


5 Reasons Why We Use AccessiBe

WSI Web Enhancers guarantees universal website accessibility. Our digital marketing specialists integrate AccessiBe flawlessly while ensuring your branding remains intact. Here are 5 reasons why you need AccessiBe.

1. Complete Web Accessibility Compliance

AccessiBe offers a complete ADA compliance solution, utilizing AI to identify and address website accessibility issues swiftly. With AccessiBe’s AI-driven approach, your website becomes universally accessible, seamlessly accommodating users of all abilities.

2. The Best ROI for ADA Compliance

AccessiBe streamlines ADA-compliant website creation, replacing costly manual processes with cost-effective automation. This eliminates pricey audits and maintenance, making their process the best ROI for ADA compliance.

3. Easy and Seamless Website Integration

AccessiBe’s integration is effortless, requiring only a few lines of code for the AI technology to scan and enhance your website’s accessibility automatically. It seamlessly fits into your existing design, ensuring a smooth transition to ADA compliance.

4. High-Quality User Interfaces and Functions

AccessiBe offers customizable features, such as color adjustments, text-to-speech, and keyboard navigation, fostering accessibility and enhancing user engagement for diverse audiences.

5. Real-Time Adjustments for Consistent Compliance

AccessiBe excels in real-time web accessibility compliance adjustments. Its AI-driven monitoring and adaptation ensure continuous accessibility to users with disabilities, saving you from constant manual updates.

Is Your Website ADA-Compliant? Try This Self-Audit.

At WSI Web Enhancers, we have the tools and expertise to make your website ADA-compliant. While auditing your website is part of our ADA-compliant website services, we also want to guide you on performing a preliminary audit yourself.

Manual Inspections

Review your website manually, focusing on the following elements:

  • Alt text for images
  • Proper heading structure
  • Color contrast
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Form accessibility
  • Ensure all multimedia content has transcripts, captions, and audio descriptions.

User Testing

Engage users with disabilities to navigate your site and provide feedback. These users will give you an accurate view of how inclusive your website currently is.

Refer to the WCAG’s Guidelines

WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is an internationally recognized set of guidelines developed by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) to ensure digital content’s accessibility to people with disabilities.

There are 3 levels of ADA site compliance as per WCAG 2.0: A, AA, and AAA, each with distinct ADA-compliant website guidelines. 

  • Level A is the minimal ADA compliance for website accessibility, addressing basic requirements to remove barriers for users with disabilities. 
  • Level AA, the most common, builds on Level A, offering a more inclusive experience for a broader range of users. 
  • Level AAA is the highest, encompassing A and AA while adding criteria for the most comprehensive accessible experience. Achieving Level AA is a crucial goal, ensuring a majority can access your site, while Level AAA is the pinnacle of accessibility. 

WSI Web Enhancers ensures all our ADA-compliant websites meet Level AA ADA compliance, but we always recommend optimizing your website for Level AAA compliance.

Disabilities Our ADA Compliant Websites Support

Exceptional ADA-compliant web designs exceed legal obligations, striving to provide an accessible and user-centric digital experience. By integrating accessibility features, ADA-compliant websites cater to a wide spectrum of disabilities, fostering inclusivity and convenience on the Internet.

Physical Disabilities

People with physical disabilities, including limited fine motor control and conditions like wrist injuries, can struggle with mouse-based navigation. To enhance their online experience, ADA-compliant websites prioritize keyboard navigation with clear, consistent design for improved accessibility.

Sensory Disabilities

Accessibility compliance for websites is essential for individuals with sensory disabilities. Sensory processing disorders can cause discomfort with certain site elements. Brightness and color sensitivity are common, making proper color contrast and adjustable themes crucial in ADA-compliant designs.

Visual Disabilities

Visual disabilities span from mild to complete vision loss, posing challenges in perceiving colors, reading text, and navigating visually complex websites. Blind-compliant websites cater to visually impaired users and incorporate alternative image text for screen reader compatibility. Text resizing and font customization features facilitate ADA compliance for the visually impaired.

Hearing Disabilities

ADA digital compliance addresses challenges faced by individuals with hearing disabilities. 

Closed captions and audio/video transcripts on websites enable adequate access to information without relying on audio content.

Cognitive Disabilities

Creating simple and intuitive websites is crucial for users with cognitive disabilities, as conditions like ADHD and autism can affect their online interactions. ADA-compliant websites facilitate this by using precise language, organized layouts, and consistent navigation, reducing cognitive load and enhancing comprehension for such users.

Addressing Overlapping Disabilities

Many people experience overlapping disabilities, making ADA-compliant websites that address this fact indispensable. Proactive ADA compliance web designs prioritize these complexities, creating a user-friendly online environment catering to various disabilities. 


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