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What Are the ADA WCAG Compliance Levels for Websites?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law prohibiting discrimination against individuals with disabilities. ADA compliance includes specific accessibility standards your websites must follow to include users of all abilities.

WSI Web Enhancers is a digital marketing agency that can verify that your website meets ADA WCAG requirements. We comprehensively understand ADA compliance websites and its levels to build excellent ADA-compliant websites in Albuquerque.

What are the different levels of ADA site compliance?

There are 3 levels of ADA site compliance according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). These include levels A, AA, and AAA. Each group has a different set of ADA-compliant website guidelines.

Level A

This level represents the minimum compliance level. It includes the basic accessibility requirements that ADA-compliant websites should meet to provide accessibility to users with disabilities. Meeting Level A compliance ensures that some barriers are removed, but it may not address all accessibility needs comprehensively for all-encompassing ADA digital compliance.

Level AA

Level AA ADA compliance is the most commonly used compliance level. It builds upon the requirements of Level A and includes additional criteria to enhance ADA compliance in websites. Meeting Level AA compliance aims to make web content accessible to a broader range of people with disabilities, providing a more inclusive experience.

Level AAA

This level represents the highest level of accessibility compliance, following all ADA-compliant website guidelines. It includes all the requirements of Levels A and AA, as well as additional criteria that offer the highest level of ADA compliance in websites to users with disabilities. Achieving Level AAA compliance may be more challenging and resource-intensive, as it addresses a broader range of disabilities and provides the most comprehensive accessible experience. This level is where the best ADA-compliant websites are at.

Choosing the Right WCAG Compliance Level for Your Website

Reaching level AA ADA compliance is the minimum goal you’ll want to focus on for the best results for an ADA-compliant website. This level allows your site to be accessible to the majority of people. These guidelines cover a range of accessibility issues, including ensuring that people who use screen readers or other assistive technologies can easily access your content.

Covering at least level AA will make your clients appreciate your business and ensure your website complies with the law. Our digital marketing company can help build you an ADA-compliant website in Albuquerque and implement suitable accessibility options for your ADA-compliant web design.

What are the principles of designing an ADA website?

WCAG 2.0 focuses on 4 design principles of ADA-compliant websites. Depending on what level of compliance your Albuquerque ADA-compliant website wants to achieve, the principles list a variety of settings you can include on your site. Below are the 4 principles of ADA compliance.

  • Perceivable
  • Operable
  • Understandable
  • Robust

Verifying your website is perceivable means users can access your information and user interface in alternate ways to suit their needs best. Your clients must be able to perceive information before understanding it. Many settings allow them to do so.

An operable website means having your site’s user interface and navigation accessible. Your clients should be able to find their way around your site easily.

Your site being understandable means the information and user interface must be logical to all your clients.

Robust content means having information optimized enough that a wide variety of user agents and assistive technologies can interpret it. Within your website, this means having well-written code and generated scripts.

Our digital marketing company can build an Albuquerque ADA-compliant website that achieves all these principles for ADA accessibility compliance.

Let Our Company Take the Guesswork Out of Creating ADA-Compliant Websites in Albuquerque

WSI Web Enhancers can help you verify that your website follows ADA best practices for search engines and implement accessibility tools for your website. We use various tools, such as AccessiBe’s ADA compliance widget, to ensure your site meets website accessibility compliance standards.

Contact us today to create your Albuquerque ADA-compliant website!

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