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How Include SEO In Your Web Design?

Not all web design with SEO has to be extremely difficult or overly complex. There are plenty of easy ways to optimize your web design so that your business is viewed more often, and your website’s design allows people to navigate easily.

Only Post Content with a Purpose

In the old days of SEO, people would post long strings of keywords in order to optimize their search engine rankings. Last year, Google introduced its BERT algorithm, focusing more on the intent of the search terms, rather than exact strings of text. This means that if you are posting content with no purpose other than to create a list of nonsensical keywords, you will no longer have the search engine success you had in the past.

Work on Building Your Reputation

If you have less than stellar reviews, or if you don’t have any reviews at all, you will want to work on building an online presence that will keep you at the top of search engine rankings. The more trustworthy your business is, the higher you will rank. Begin working on getting loyal customers to leave 5 star reviews, and focus on delivering an impressive customer experience.

Mobile Web Design in Albuquerque

Contrary to what many people learned when they first built their websites, for 2020, you should build a mobile site first, and then optimize it for desktops. The majority of internet users are now finding new websites and businesses on their mobile devices first, and a surprising number of websites do not translate well to mobile devices. Websites should be easy to navigate on mobile devices, with minimal text, stunning visuals, and a strong call to action. If you need help making sure your website is optimized for mobile, call for an appointment at (505) 850-9177 or schedule a Free Consultation online

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