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Elevate Your Hair Salon’s Online Reputation with SEO

With how much information is available online, clients of hair salons are likely doing intensive research to find their next go-to hairstylist.

Clients desire consistent, quality results from their hair salon, and an excellent online reputation goes a long way in reaching new people and building life-long customer relationships.

WSI Web Enhancers is a website design and SEO company in Albuquerque that can revamp your website to attract new clients. Our company focuses on best practices in search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize your visibility.

Why do hair salons need SEO?

A customer who’s experienced a bad haircut from a hair salon will most likely never return to that business again. A bad haircut isn’t just a one-day ordeal. The result lasts weeks and eventually leads to that client going to a competitor to fix the previous salon’s mistakes.

This exhausting ordeal makes people very skeptical about choosing a hair salon. That’s why when customers find a salon that can do their hair consistently and provide excellent customer service, they have no reason to seek services elsewhere.

It’s challenging to draw clients away from competitors once they find a salon they like. This is why first impressions are vital for hair salons.

SEO is essential for hair salons wanting to compete for a client’s loyalty. If your website is poorly designed or visually unappealing, your customers will question your credibility.

They may also question your ability to create stunning hairstyles if you don’t have any pictures on your website.

By implementing SEO strategies, hair salons can improve their website’s ranking in search engine results pages and make it more likely that potential clients will find them.

How can an SEO company help my hair salon’s website?

Our Albuquerque website design company can help your hair salon be seen in search engines by optimizing your website and its content for SEO. Optimization can include implementing various ideas onto your website to build client trust and credibility.

Below are some features our company could implement on your site to appeal to clients.

A hair salon with no pictures intimidates customers looking for their next hairdresser. The beauty industry is a highly visual field, and a professional gallery is necessary for your hair salon to be successful.

An Albuquerque website design company can build up or optimize your gallery by ensuring you’re using sharp, high-resolution photos with detailed captions of what the hairstyle process entails. Including how long it takes and exactly what the client asked for is helpful for customers looking for a similar service.

Other ideas include a before and after slideshow to showcase your hairdresser’s abilities or videos so clients can see how the process typically goes. These images and videos also give the viewer an insight into the cleanliness of your salon and its professionalism.

Detailed Testimonials

If your website does not have reviews and testimonials from previous clients, you’re likely missing out on effortless organic traffic. Clients with excellent results and experiences will want to show their hair off to others and offer great reviews for your website.

You can receive, view, and share these testimonials through various methods, such as social media posts, live customer quotes, and review sites such as Yelp.

If you’ve set up a Google Business Profile account, which is how your business shows up across Google Search and Maps, your customers can also post reviews there.

An Albuquerque website design company can walk you through setting up a clean Google Business Profile and explain which reviews to add to your page.

Meet the Team

Hair salon clients deeply care about their connection with their hairstylist. Most people who go to a hair salon will ask for a specific stylist to tend to their needs.

Having a page with professional biographies and photos of each of your hair stylists is highly useful for establishing trust with your clients. Find and showcase reviews on the stylist’s communication and expertise to attract more customers to your salon.

Additionally, the page should describe their credentials and experience, what services they specialize in, and link to their social media pages so they can show off their work. An Albuquerque website design company can implement buttons and links on your website to make it more convenient and functional for customers.

How can an SEO company optimize content for local customers?

An optimized website design is required for a hair salon to thrive. Including optimized written content can only add to your success. The primary way of optimizing your website’s written content is to include relevant keywords.

Keyword research involves finding out what your customers are likely searching for, such as frequently asking questions and adding it to your content.

General keywords for SEO are words that generally apply to everyone. For example, searching “hair products” gives you access to hundreds of online businesses worldwide selling hair care products.

Local keyword phrases for SEO only apply to your location, which is what you should be targeting as a local business. For example, “best hair salon in Albuquerque” is a more specific keyword phrase that will likely yield searchers in your area.

An Albuquerque website design company can optimize your website for local SEO by implementing highly targeted keywords throughout your content. These keywords serve to drive local, relevant traffic to your business. These companies can also install interactive maps on your website for your client’s convenience.

Discover How an Albuquerque Website Design Company Can Help Your Hair Salon!

At WSI Web Enhancers, we are website design and local SEO experts. Our experienced team of specialists can guide you through optimizing your website and showcasing your best work.

Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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