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Albuquerque Web Traffic Defined: New vs. Returning Visitors

Albuquerque Web Traffic Defined: New vs. Returning Visitors

There are 2 types of website visitors business owners should know about. New visitors are people visiting your site for the first time, while returning visitors are those who have visited your website before. Both of these visitors are important to increase traffic, generate leads, and increase conversions. 

At WSI Web Enhancers, our digital marketing agency helps businesses analyze users to help increase website traffic. We can help you understand your user’s buying habits and their buyer’s journey.

Below, we’ve explained the behavioral differences between these visitors and how Google tracks them to help you enhance your online presence.

Behavioral Differences Between New and Returning Website Visitors

Both visitor types are essential to the longevity of your website. It’s helpful to know how they behave and how to attract both.

New Visitors

New visitors are just starting out in the buyer’s journey and likely won’t make a purchase just yet. Their focus is on exploring your products and services. 

However, they’re essential because they indicate an increase in people visiting your site and your business’s ability to reach new customer bases. If new visitors like what they see on your website, they may tell their friends about it or link to it from their social media. 

The way to reach these visitors is through search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and developing excellent landing pages. You want to be able to find these customers and also make the best first impression. 

Returning Visitors

Returning visitors are essential because they indicate that your content was compelling enough to return to more than once.

Returning users are further along in the buyer’s journey and are more likely to make a conversion, have made a conversion, or are loyal customers.

Since returning visitors already have found and liked your site, your marketing strategy to attract returning visitors is by using site personalization, email marketing, and loyalty programs. 

You want to offer returning visitors special benefits for their loyalty. A newsletter they can sign up for is a common tactic to offer them exclusive content.

How Google Analytics Tracks Visitors

Google Analytics uses first-party cookies to track new and returning visitors. 

A first-party cookie connects you to a website by holding on to some personal user information for a better user experience, such as language settings.

When you visit a website for the first time, Google Analytics will set a cookie on your browser. This cookie contains information about how you found the website and what pages you visited. 

When you return to the same website, Google Analytics will read the cookie and know you are a repeat visitor. Google’s tracking snippet uses this information to calculate new visitors versus returning visitors.

Our digital marketing experts offer Google Analytics consulting to keep track of your visitors while offering suggestions on how to increase your website’s traffic. 

Albuquerque Web Traffic Defined: New vs. Returning Visitors

Our Digital Marketing Agency in Albuquerque Helps You Attract Web Visitors

WSI Web Enhancers can help your business track new and returning visitors to revise your digital marketing plan depending on your goals. 

If you want an increase in new traffic, we can advise you on relevant search engine signals to watch out for when attracting potential customers to your site. If you want to cater to returning visitors for conversions, we can help set up personalized marketing campaigns.

Contact our digital marketing agency in Albuquerque today for a free consultation!

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