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5 Benefits of ADA-Compliant Websites

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures that individuals with disabilities have equal access to goods, services, and information provided online. 

ADA compliance extends to websites and mobile apps, making it essential for businesses to create inclusive and accessible digital experiences for all users. Having an ADA-compliant website is a legal requirement and a strategic advantage for companies. 

At WSI Web Enhancers, we’re digital marketing specialists who can design well-crafted ADA-compliant websites for Albuquerque businesses. We can ensure your website follows all major guidelines so that your company can reap the benefits of ADA compliance.

What are the significant benefits of ADA site compliance?

ADA site compliance has numerous competitive advantages in the marketplace. Below are some benefits your Albuquerque ADA-compliant website could acquire.

  1. Avoiding Legal Consequences

One of the primary reasons for designing websites to be ADA-compliant is to avoid potential legal consequences. Title III of the ADA mandates that “places of public accommodation,” including websites, must remove barriers that hinder access for individuals with disabilities. 

Non-ADA-compliant websites could lead to costly lawsuits, reputational damage, and penalties. By making your website ADA-compliant, you protect your business from legal liabilities and demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity.

  1. Expanding Your Target Audience

ADA compliance opens up your website to a broader audience, including millions of individuals with disabilities. According to a 2023 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 27% of adult Americans have some kind of disability. This percentage represents a significant portion of the population your company may not have access to in the marketplace. 

By making your website accessible, you tap into this untapped market and increase your potential customer base. Moreover, providing equal access to your products and services enhances customer loyalty and fosters positive brand perception among all users.

  1. Improving User Experience

ADA-compliant websites are designed with accessibility in mind. This benefits all users, not just those with disabilities. Features like straightforward navigation, alternative text for images, and well-structured content make the website more user-friendly and intuitive. 

A better user experience leads to lower bounce rates, which is when a visitor leaves your website without exploring other pages. It also leads to increased time spent on the site and higher conversion rates. 

Prioritizing ADA compliance web design enhances user satisfaction and ensures all visitors can access information and interact with your site effortlessly.

  1.  Promoting a Positive Brand Reputation

Investing in ADA website design reflects your business’s commitment to social responsibility and inclusivity. This positive image can resonate with your target audience and set you apart from competitors who may not prioritize accessibility. 

By being inclusive, you send a powerful message about your brand values and attract socially conscious consumers. Customers are more likely to support businesses prioritizing inclusivity through ADA-compliant web design, and word-of-mouth recommendations can further boost your brand reputation.

  1. Enhancing Mobile Device Usability

Mobile devices have become a primary means of internet access for many users. ADA compliance ensures your website is accessible on desktop computers and various mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. 

Responsive design and accessible mobile features enable users to interact with your site regardless of their device. This adaptability enhances user engagement and ensures a seamless experience, irrespective of the user’s physical capabilities.

Having an ADA-compliant website in Albuquerque is necessary for any business wanting to expand their reach and grow their company. Our digital marketing agency can help you build an excellent ADA-compliant website to enhance your online presence using various tools, such as AccessiBe’s ADA compliance widget.

How do you design an ADA-compliant website? 

Ensuring ADA accessibility compliance involves implementing a range of accessibility features and best practices. Here are some essential steps to make your website ADA-compliant.

  • Provide alternative text for images
  • Use clear and consistent headings
  • Ensure color contrast 
  • Improve keyboard navigation
  • Allow users to resize text

The best ADA-compliant websites will have many other features in addition to the ones listed above.

A number of steps go into creating an Albuquerque ADA-compliant website, such as adhering to hearing and visual aid guidelines. Our digital marketing agency can make your website ADA-compliant and ensure your website isn’t missing out on any essential elements of ADA accessibility.

Build Your Albuquerque ADA-Compliant Website With Our Digital Marketing Agency

At WSI Web Enhancers, our skilled website designers build websites that expand your audience reach and position your brand as socially responsible and customer-centric. With years of experience in the digital landscape, we can ensure your website creates a user-friendly environment for people of all abilities. 

Are you ready to take the first step towards inclusivity and accessibility? Contact us today to start building your Albuquerque ADA-compliant website!

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