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"The new marketing strategy has really worked, giving us a range of business increase of 12 - 25% a month the past year. I don't know about you, but I think I would call that an unqualified success. :)"
Daniel Higbie
St. James Tearoom, Albuquerque
"WSI knows exactly what your website needs to get noticed. Our page rankings were up in the first month using his expertise. He is personable, professional and highly reasonable. WSI makes SEO accessible to the rest of us. I trust him and he does great work."
Kara Kochenderfer
New Mexico Reverse Mortgage, Albuquerque
"Our website was up and running and looking great in no time. Any corrections were made fast and efficient. Our SEO has also been greatly improved. We have now moved on to additional projects which include a custom built loyalty program and geo fencing. I highly recommend Jukka and WSI."
Mary Ellen
Burritos Alinstante, Albuquerque
"Most knowledgeable SEO expert I've met! Great SEO guru, great teacher, and a great coach. The best kind of guy to have on your side."
Silas Peterson
The Hire Firm, Santa Fe